Parent/Carer Coffee Mornings

Coffee Morning – 26 May 2017

Thank you to those parents who attended today’s coffee morning and thank you to Mr Gaunt (our C-op ambassador) for the online safety training. We have supplies of the handouts / CD’s / and magazines relating to the training available, please contact the school office if you would like to collect one.

Many Thanks

Les Milton


Coffee Morning – Friday 31 March 2017

A big thank you to all those attended our Parents coffee morning on Friday, 31 March 2017. It was our biggest group this year.

A massive thank you to Julie Gray who led a discussion on language learning and covered many aspects of speech and language therapy. Suzie Wells also contributed and between them answered many important questions. I felt it was a useful meeting and an enjoyable interaction. I hope all those who participated enjoyed it as much as I did. Because of the Easter holiday’s we will not be having a coffee morning in April but we are intending to meet again on Friday, 26 May at 9:15. I have invited our computing teacher Bill Gaunt. Who is an Ambassador for e-safety, to provide some information and advice and guidance on how to protect our children online.

As discussed at previous coffee mornings, if any parents would like to lead a discussion on a particular issue, please let me know so we can inform others. Equally, if you would like me to invite a particular guest or specialist to lead on a topic, please let me know. Many thanks to all those who attended and this is a genuine invitation to other parents and carers who have not attended previously to please come along and be part of our group. You will be very welcome.

Les Milton


Parents Coffee Morning – Friday 27 January, 2017

It was great to meet parents who attended the coffee morning. We discussed many topics and I appreciated everybody’s open and honest input. We were all very aware that meeting on a Friday morning at 9:15am were a barrier to lots of families being able to attend. One of the reasons I’m putting this on the website is so that if people who would like to meet can suggest alternative times that we can have for coffee mornings / afternoons or evenings at different times to allow as many people to attend as possible.

It was recognised by all that often parents are experts in relation to managing children at Laleham Gap School. We considered if families wanted to offer to lead sessions in some of our meetings regarding the learning and experience that they have had. We also discussed having professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists to join our meetings to either lead short presentations or question and answer sessions. Please let me know your opinions on this so that we can make our coffee mornings as useful and informative as possible.

We also discussed the school’s infrastructure and how we need to develop it further. The largest concerns remain the outside of the building and what we can do to improve the facilities for children. I have already met with the Secondary student council and in combination with the Primary student council they are producing a priority list of activities and features desired. We were in agreement that we should be listening to the student voice and the schools priorities for the development of the site should be directed by the children. A concern was raised about the lack of music provision at the school currently. I will be looking at what we offer as a school and reviewing what we can do to support individuals and groups across all age groups. Other curriculum areas that we discussed included independence and living skills. We all appreciated that it is a difficult balance to find between pursuing the highest possible academic achievement, but also considering the children’s ability to interact, socialise and become independent young adults.

Please feel free to email me at to let me know your ideas for further parents meetings. In particular preferred meeting times and agenda items.

Kind Regards

Les Milton